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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  January 31, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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into a freezing rain and rain event. so, no snow out there. and this is being covered with the storm. what you're looking at, the multiple colors there, the blue is the winter storm watches and the pink, the winter storm warning. and from oklahoma city up through st. louis, and to chicago and over into toledo, detroit and going to pittsburgh, staying to the north of us, this is going to be a raging snowstorm. and in places. you see the green on top of chicago, that is a blizzard. and that is blizzard conditions there as the storm gets going. in terms of what the storm is now, it's not much at all. as we switch you over, you will be able to see that is it. that is all we see now. a little snow to illinois and chicago, the storm is getting going right now and that is basically over the four corners region and tonight and
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tomorrow, that will accelerate and develop quickly and race across the country. this is what we know here now in terms of our advise or and this is from midnight through noon tomorrow and that does include the district, prince georges county, to fairfax, prince william, too, and see you know, tomorrow it basically becomes a winter storm watch. not for d.c. but the north and that is where we think there is a chance of accumulating ice tomorrow and into early, early wednesday morning. sue palka is outside, obviously, and nothing is falling from the sky tomorrow. i think folks need to understand. the snowstorm last week and some potential ice storm in place this week. shewchuk in. >> reporter: and both look look they have the potential, gary, especially with the ice in the forecast and to create a lot of problems around the region. we have barely been above freezing and most places have not touched a freezing mark, and what we're finding, let me show you here, the pavement is
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really, really cold and in fact, let me get it to show. earlier it was showing 27 and below freezing, obviously, and anything falling, we think it's going to stick and why is this going to be freezing rain or sleet and not snow? and that will be cold here in the surface and temperaturewise right now, as we mentioned, most places are below freezing and that is dry here in northwest d.c. at the moment and wool go with the temperatures here and to the south, a few spots manageing to get into the mid-30s and we're headed to the colder spot and when we widen out the picture, we see a lot of cold air up to the north and detroit only 16 degrees and bing hampton, 18 and the northeast wind tomorrow, and that is with is that cold air into the region what we call a cold air democratting situation and this -- air damming situation and this is changing to rain eventually and that is going to be light stuff, a mix and some
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slight and freezing rain, not expecting snow. during the day, there will be some dry hours and there will be hours of light precipitation and that should stay close to the freezing mark. this ice could build up in the colder spots north and west. the big action is tomorrow night and we believe there is a transition to rain and some heavier precipitation with that heavy rain coming in in the overnight hours and the temperatures will be critical and where it's cold enough, especially to the north and west, and this could be a serious icing storm. we know what we get tonight will be light and will tomorrow night, again, we have to watch and definitely has a great potential to be disruptive to our region and we're going to keep a close eye on it and have more information later. >> clearly, we're moving from snow to ice this time. thank you both. and federal employees, listen up to this one. since the snow situation is a little uncertain right now, you might be allowed to work from
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home tomorrow. the office of personnel management said that employees have the option for unscheduled leave or unscheduled telework. they're making the announcement early to give managers and employees a chance to talk about their options and to keep you safe. right now, we have no other information on closures, cancellations or delays and you can stay up to date by check our website, 24/7, five days after the last storm and some customers are without power. snowy tree limbs continue and mayor o'malley is criticizing the utility saying the lengthy outages are unacceptable and karen gray houston talked to those who got their power back. what is the latest? >> reporter: first, we're on norwood road and that is across from ub blades high school and this leads to three houses that lost power in wednesday's storm. and what you just missed was a pepco crews leaving. they were here most of today and take a look back here at
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the handy work and that is travis, he lives in the neighborhood right back here and if you see that transformer up there, that is brand-new and they put that in right on that utility post and also brand- new, and they rehung wires that fell when the tree came crashing down. finally help arrives. pepco sent crews to deal with the downed power lines and damaged trees. >> we have been calling since wednesday. and on wednesday evening when the power went out. >> reporter: another frustrated home owner. >> oh, your power's back on? no, it's not. >> and i talked with someone yesterday. >> reporter: her husband phil, their free kids and the dog cooper live in one of the free houses on -- three houses on this plot of land and thank goodness they have generators. >> there are a lot of people without and at least we have generators, we can handle it. >> reporter: karen agrees with o'malley when he criticizes the
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customer communication. >> there is only three of us here and we get the runaround all the time and the last to get the power every storm. >> reporter: she said this is the fifth time since the back- to-back storms last february that their power went out. her husband is more forgiving. >> they doing the best they can do and came last night and looked at the job. they're here making a list to what they needed. >> and we can point out that he flagged down the crews last night in the neighborhood they were working on and some repairs elsewhere. and that power here at the house and the other two homes in the neighborhood came on about 2:45 this afternoon. there was also a press conference by pepco president tom graham. and let's hear what he had to say about o'malley's letter. >> with respect to penalties and standards, we have no problems withstandards, as long as they're fair and as long as there is an understanding, if there is a heightened expecting
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a on the part of the public and the part of the governor and the part of the public service commission, there is an edition that has to be made into the system. so when we file for resources for recovery for those expenses, there should be some receptiveness to that. >> reporter: tom graham doesn't think it's fair for the governor to place blame, he said. right now, there are 9 customers without power and that there are 1,000 crews on the scene to get ready for tonight's storm. shawn? >> and people are concerned about what may happen. governor o'malley will be live in the studios to talk about the problems and don't miss the new details on the calls for change still ahead. if you're watching our coverage on wednesday, you probably remember the scene. roads in very bad shape and people stuck on streets, highways and ramps for hours. the new storm will be nowhere
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near that bad and even an extra half hour in the car can be frustrating and obviously, any shot at avoiding trouble depends on how the roads are prepped for the storm and last week was the problem that washed away the salt. and how is everyone getting ready this time? >> by getting into the truck and getting them on to the roads and pretreating the highways and other roads and that is -- and that is to the right hire. they're mixing and calling it a brine, which maryland uses cluesively and on that secondary road is where they use it and joining me live is v shannon. a lot went on last week and the rain came and this might be another ice situation and as we talk to you, we'll roll video from last kids wednesday night. >> okay. >> and tell me what you're trying to do to avoid another nightmare?
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>> the most important thing, we should not have the gridlock from last week and know it was a perfect storm. everyone let out at work at the same time and that snow and ice started coming down and we had the gridlock that prevented us from doing our job. we'll have approximately 1600 pieces of equipment across northern virginia and with some three counties and the interstate and have them prepositioned. >> and that is trouble, right? a layer of ice and that is terrible. >> i will take snow any day over the nice and doing what we're prepared to do, i am confident that we will keep the roads in good shape. >> and thank you very much. and as we look at the brine situation, they're mixing the solution here, 75% water, 25% salt and that is what maryland is using exclusively, and we is
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spoke to kim from maryland state highway earlier today. >> and we're focussing on the hotspots and bridges and overpasses and on that 270 corridor and on the elevated roadway and between basically 650 and maryland 365 and that is going on through that and that is where we get a lot of slick conditions as well. >> reporter: and we're back live here at the v dot salt dome and in northern virginia here. the work goes on and that is mother nature, going to be trouble here, it's unpredictable and they're at it and going to try to do their best to make it easy for the rest of us to get going tomorrow, will. >> and a lot of folks hope they get a good handle of things. bob barnard live in alexandrea. thank you. fox 5 morning news will be on the air early tomorrow
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morning at 3:55 a.m. and we'll bring you the latest weather, road conditions and cancellations of delays. the news is always on and new details on the hostage drama caught on camera outside of a tacoma park bank. for the first time, we're seeing video from a camera mounted inside a nearby store. the police are revealing how they protected themselves during the standoff. and paul wagner is live with the story paul. >> reporter: we will have that for you. the last few hours, we learned the identity of the man who tried to rob the bank and took this person hostage and he has been identified as 43-year-old carlos rudolfo espinosa arcia of hyattsville and we're told he lived in a room and that he had a job in the district. they searched his room and found a gun and some materials that were similar to those used in the fake bombs.
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you're about to see the new video recorded off of a camera and that was mounted inside a nearby salt shop. what you can't and won't hear because there are no microphones is the commands and screams going on while the gunman moves with his hostage past the subshop and down the sidewalk. the law enforcement sources say the bank teller was screaming from the instant she emerged from the bank and the grips of the gunman, until he was fatally shot secs later. the two made their way along the sidewalk and the officers on the scene were screaming as well, telling the man to drop his gun. the friendly fire was a major concern. >> and one of the last things, no cross fire, which is obviously important and i noticed there were a few critics in the paper over the weekend. >> reporter: sources familiar with the investigation said after the gunmen slipped and the hostage started running,
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many officers yelled cross fire. watch closely and you can see several officers who thought they might be in the line of fire run back down the sidewalk. as the gun fire ended, one officer, sources identified as lopez, called out to say he was hit in the leg and police say he was grazed by a ricocheting bullet. >> and i think you train, train, talk about it and hope whether when it goes down, everything clicks and this is a case where everything clicked and everyone did what they were supposed to do and i have to remember, you have two different departments on the scene and we never trained with them and they don't know each other, yet everyone did their job. >> reporter: a spokesman for capital one bank declined to say anything about the teller taken hostage other safe and sound and wilbur diaz said he had done business with the teller that morning. >> and she was a nice and good lady and take care of the customer good. >> reporter: diaz was in the
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shop getting ready to open when the gunman came out of the bank and he immediately recognized the hostage as the friendly teller from the capital one bank. >> reporter: the officer wounded was treated and released, the customer pistol whipped was hospitalized as late as yesterday. paul wagner, fox 5 news and back to you. thank you, there is still much more ahead. developing right now, the unrest in egypt continues and we're looking closer at what sparked major protests and why the obama administration is not stepping in just yet. plus, seven years since she was fired, park police chief theresa chambers is back on the job. and skip the salt, avoiding dangerous foods might be tougher than you think. >> keep it here, fox 5 news at 5 is coming back. 
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>> a developing story, the obama administration appears to be turning up the heat on embattled egyptian president hosni mubarak after a week of protests in egypt. the white house is calling for an end to the emergency police state there and elections this fall. fox 5s tom fitzgerald is following with the latest. tom? >> reporter: the emergency powers have been in effect since 1981, when hosni mubarak took power after the assassination of the former president anwar sadat and that is what that kind of power the united states is signaling that
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the mubarak administration needs to relax to damper the protests. coming on the heels in tunisia, egyptian protestors are in the second week of mass demonstrations there and president mubarak swore in a new vice president and cabinet members but it's mubarak who the demonstrators say they want gone and in washington, meanwhile, the white house maintained the delicate balance between voicing the support for the demonstrators and not abandoning a 30-year-old ally in the middle east. >> and we're not picking between those on the street and those in the government. and secretary of state said yesterday we're for and have e numb rated our concern for the people of egypt. >> tom, why is egypt critical to the united states? it's not a major oil producer, so why is that so key to america's interest in the middle east? >> that is true, shawn.
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egypt used to be an old ally and the last 30 years since the camp david peace accords between egypt and israel, egypt has been a major ally in the united states and we put together a map to show you what kind of location is in play and you see there in the middle east. and that camp david peace accords return to israel after egypt captured them in the 1973 yom kippur war, and you have the suez canal there and one of the major unknowns for the united states is if mubarak were to fall, what kind of government would replace him? knows. a democratic governor, a government that supports the treaty with israel and there is a possibility that it's an islamic state and that could spell trouble for israel. >> and is it the unknowns right
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now, you know, that are fueling the complications for the united states and how to respond to this, tom? >> we heard that today in the white house briefing. it's a delicate tight rope they're trying to walk. the administration is trying to voice support for the pro- democracy interest in this protest going on and not turn it back clearly on a 30-year- old ally and in a volatile part of the world. >> thank you, tom fit gerald. the end of a -- tom fitzgerald. the end of a yearlong fight. theresa chambers reclaimed her post. she was fired, as you know, after publicly complaining that she did not have enough resources and maureen umeh is live with more. good evening, maureen. >> reporter: good evening, will and this is a pull year, legal drama centering around whether federal service employees can be fired for telling the truth. she got u.s. police park vendication and let's show you
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video of chambers through the year. this afternoon, interior secretary ken salazar we have in chambers and she's returning to the position almost seven years after being fired by the bush administration for talking about staff shortages in her department and thank it could lead to safety hazards and chambers' comments were made in a 2003 introduce with various media outlets. the comments gave a, quote, open invitation to lawbreakers by discussing potential vulnerabilities and was fired a few months later and sued under the whistle-blower protection act. this month, the merit's system protects board ordered her administration citing weak evidence against her and that she was entitled $2 million of retro active pay and reimbursement for legal fees. chambers who spoke after said this has been a long journey and is excited about the new beginning and chapter. >> i felt driven to make certain that justice was done.
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and this is much larger than that and i am glad for the message that it sends a lot of people. that employees should be rewarded for honesty and that i believe this is the start of seeing that. >> chief chambers who served as the police chief of riverdale park police will begin the new post or the new old post tomorrow and as for the current chief, he's going to serve as a senior advisor. >> and clearly a vindication for the chief and is this finally, legally over for her? >> and he talked to the federal government officials and they say that they going to abide by the ruling and deserve the right to bring up legal challenges in the future and this may not be totally over. >> and thank you, maureen umeh. developing news about the healthcare reform law.
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a federal judge in florida ruled it's unconstitutional and forces people to pay health insurance. 26 states have shewchuked the federal government to other federal judges have uphill the requirement and they ruled the law was unconstitutional. and this next round of winter weather has its sights set on us. >> and we want a break, right? the midwest felt the brunt of it, heavy snow and ice. what can we expect exactly? gary has a look next. -
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west of us and going to show you, this is inside of i-81 and in north of 66 there and some light snow. as we go to true view, this is happening with within the last hour or two and to the west- southeast, this is growing on radar and have to watch, that talking about 9:00, a light mixture and temperatures below freezing, the streets and roads are treated good and we'll talk about the full forecast coming up. >> anding thats, gary. does pepco has what it takes to keep the lights on this time? >> governor o'malley is calling for a change and what is being done to prevent future power problems. and skip the salt, the new guidelines released and aimed at helping you eat healthy and can you identify the foods you shouldn't be eat something the fox 5 money team takes care of the guess work for you when we come back. 
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>> a brand-new dietary guidelines for americans were released today and that should mean big changes for your dinner plate, especially if older than 50, mark or at a high-risk for blood pressure. melanie alnwick is here with more. >> reporter: one of the things nutrition experts said i talked to liked is the fact that the usda simplifies the guidelines and the messages to consumers. instead of talking about mg or rda or percentage intake that people should have, they broke it into easy actionable steps, things like make one half of your plate fruits and vegetables, switch to fat free or low-fat milk and choose lower-sodium breads and meals and it's the sodium part that is tough for people to follow. don't blame the salt shaker, most of the sodium americans consume comes from processed
5:32 pm
and packaged food and restaurant dining. the usda is specifically saying we need to eat less. too much sodium increases blood pressure which can lead to strokes and heart attacks. and the 2010 dietary guidelines say most of us should cut our intake by 20 to -- 30 to 50%. >> and this is that reduction proposed and one that we hope, food processors, in particular, will take into account. >> reporter: african-americans, people older than 50 and anyone overrate or at risk of high blood pressure should get no more than 1500 milligrams a day. sticking to it might be tough to do. many, many things on our grocery store shelfs have a lot more sodium in them than you think. >> and if you want to cut back on sodium, you need to compare different items in the grocery store, and choose the one with less sodium -- sodium. the other thing is to get food companies to put less salt and
5:33 pm
in our food. once they add it, we can't take it out. >> reporter: the center for science is usually a harsh critic. not this time. >> these dietary guidelines are stronger than any that i have seen. less salt, more fruits, grains and vegetables and healthier foods and americans. and -- >> this is an example of things that were challenging. peanuts with sea salt. >> uh. >> one half cup of pegasuses, low-fat cottage cheese. >> okay. >> and a serving of tortilla chips and choose the one that you think has the least amount of sodium. >> and were of they canned pegasuses? >> i'm going to guess the cot am cheese. >> and? >> and the lowest amount? >> actually, 420 milligrams of sodium. >> wow. >> in a half cup. >> okay. >> and the lowest?
5:34 pm
>> really? i would have said no. >> and the tortilla chips. and tomato soup, 800 milligrams with a half a cup. this is where you have to be careful and read the labels. >> and that is with 400 milligrams. >> and i know what i'm having for a snack. thank you. >> a good lesson for all of us. interest in charter schools continues to gain interest in support. the record number are expected to apply to open in d.c. and as student enrollment skyrockets. in maryland, stay lawsuit -- state law gives authority to charter schools and school boards and in montgomery county, there is not one charter school. ashley del sole is the board member with the global garden public school wanting to open in montgomery county. thank you for joining us? >> and thank you for having me. >> and so far, you haven't been given the green light, what is the deal? >> and that is a very good
5:35 pm
question week. believe that we had a strong application and montgomery county, the situation is that that is not the right climate and we hope to change that. >> and parents tell me when they reporting, they move to montgomery county because the schools are so good. why do they need them? >> that is a good question. i am a product of montgomery county schools myself, and i believe that they're good and strong schools and i think montgomery county and others as well, can add to their portfolio of schools and can add choices for parents and some other options for students whose needs are not being met in the dratiggal public school setting. >> and that seemed to thrive in areas where public schools are lower-performing and that is perhaps why d.c. seems to have so many. why not focus on somewhere else? >> i live in montgomery county, and i would love for my own children to attend and i think
5:36 pm
again, that there is room for choices and other options for families. >> and my last question, montgomery county board said no, apparently, you have went to a higher level, the board of education. what is their reaction? >> we believe it was a strongly worded opinion in our favor and that it offered the chance for -- rather, the mandate for montgomery county to give us feedback on our application and some technical assistance and to give us the option to make some changes to the application that might be needed and we were not afforded the options to begin with. >> and that is looking like it's not a done deal yet and we'll follow it here on fox 5. ashley del sole with the global garden charter public school. thank you for coming in. >> thank you. and running a marathon is hard enough. imagine trying to say i do? >> and we're going take you inside the marathon marriage you have to see to believe.
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next.  should be green. okay.
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because no one should be left out in the cold.
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>> you know they like to do thing big in texas and out of breath. texas newlyweds hope they're on the road for good fortune and a long life together and the bride wore a veil, the groom sported a tuxedo t-shirt, they ran 16 miles until they got to the wedding site and had the ceremony in front of the family and friends. >> and my sister had the crazy idea, because we run so much and decided why not. >> and that is the only way she figured i was going to marry her. [ laughter ] >> and they ran the final 10 miles of the course. >> and one think this for sure, that will be memorable. >> and if that was their wedding, imagine the proposal?
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>> and i am sure he was creative. another round of winter weather is coming up. 
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>> pepco wants again in the decision defending the time it took the power to get on for thousands of customers after wind's snowstorm. at the worst point, 210,000 customers were in the dark and now there are a few dozen and it's not clear if they're storm related. pepco said tree limbs continue to fall each day, taking down more power lines. with many people left in the dark for days, frustrated and angry, maryland's governor is fed up, too. >> and that's right, governor o'malley wrote a letter to pepco today that was critical of their failures and thanks for finding us. >> thank you. >> and in the letter, you used the word simply unacceptable and a lot of us have an idea what is unacceptable and what did you think was unacceptable?
5:45 pm
>> i found it unacceptable that there was a long period that would go by would you say the lines being restored and pepco is not responsible for snowstorms, they're not responsible for the ice storms but they're responsible for keeping the website up, for staying in touch with people and if as they say, their lines need a greater degree of investment, there is a long- term solution and in the short- term, they should be, they should be better than any of the other utilities at customer service and keeping in touch with people and to make sure the crews are on the job. look, i think i would like to say there are a lot of crews that have been working with no sleet for the last four days, and we should be grateful to those hard-working men and women on the front lines and getting the lines restored. but there is an issue of reliability and time and time again, whether it's a big or little storm, pepco lags behind. the other utilities in our state and in restoring power. >> thomas graham, the president
5:46 pm
of pepco responded. we have a fox 5 crew out there and responded to your letter, i want to play some of that and get your reaction. let's roll that. >> with respect to penalties and standards, we have no problems with standards and if there is a public expecting a, there is an edition on the -- and that has to be made and when we file for resources and for, that there should be some receptiveness to that. >> your response? >> there are two issues going here. one is the issue of reliability and standard and some financial incentive and the other issue is the long-term need to invest in these lines. and i think what mr. graham said is true. and what i heard from people on the streets of montgomery and prince georges county is that hey, look, let us know and if
5:47 pm
that's another 5 cents a month or a little more every month in order to have more reliable service thanks -- service, that is better than throwing out the groceries and clearing out the frigerator every time the wind blows hard through bethesda and potomac. >> reporter: are you happy with the response, we as reporters often go to him and it's usually the same story. we have the crews and they're out there. you don't have an issue with the utility crews in the field and that is a bigger problem, you think in. >> this is my frustrate, and my frustration is that we hear the story all the time and, yet, when the storms come through, we don't see pepco rushing to the forefront of restoring as, we see them lagging behind. now, i think that, i think that mr. graham, mr. rigby want to do the right thing or are trying to do the right thing, and the long-term need to reinvest in infrastructure is a challenge for the whole country in a backro sense and in a microsense here, let's be honest, every time the wind
5:48 pm
blows, it takes longer to get the power turned back on in the washington area; therefore, you would think that they would overextend themselves in order to get crews and mutual aid in here before the other utilities. two days before the storm, 98% of consistentmers were back on and two days after, 20% were left on and i don't think that that is acceptable, and i don't think the management of pepco does either, and they need to do better and there need to beb centives in place for standards. >> and talk about your incentives to hold pepco financially liable. what is the timeline on that, what do you hope to do with the fines? >> simply stated as a can, other states put in place certain reliability standards and when utility companies, when the energy providers fail
5:49 pm
to hit the standards, there is a financial penalty that goes back to the ratepayers. one, they're not able to hit the reliability. >> and i have a final 15 secs. if you collect fines successfully from pepco, will that meany go into the pockets of the customers affected? >> that is how i think it should go and members will debate this and discuss what the best way to go is. >> okay. >> thank you so much for coming in. >> thank you, shawn, will. >> all right. and talk about the next round. >> and let's say now, it doesn't look like this is the kind of ice storm that is going bring down a bunk of power lines. i think that it looks like it transitions into some rain and by the time the heaviest of the precip gets here and with max hd radar, north of 81 and 66. not much, lissie, we have to watch this and true view will
5:50 pm
show you there is some developing precip back out to the west of us and to the south of us, too, and this is coming across and this will be responsible for a little bit of some snow and freezing rain and sleet. this is temperatures right now, so, so critical for us. in the city, the temperature is 31 degrees. back up to the north and west, the temperatures are in the upper 20s and look at max 1, guys, max 2, please and 28 degrees for frederick; hagerstown, 28 as well and martinsburg, 28. when we saw a little bit of the light snow, it's well below freezing. the ground is below freezing and anything that hits is going sickity is and to the south. fredericksburg, 34 degrees and it won't be long before you're down to freezing, too and culpeper, 36 and overnight, there is a light, the operative word here being a light wintery mix and could have a light
5:51 pm
accumulation and glazing, too, and the temperature here in the city gets to about 26 degrees and in the suburbs, lower 20s and plenty cold enough to cause problems by early tomorrow morning and on that untreated surfaces and this is what we're thinking, a light wintery mix at 8:00. notice the temperature of 27 degrees and for tomorrow, we're only going take it up for a high tomorrow of 33 degrees and when who get some light wintery mix coming on across, tomorrow, that will transition over to some freezing rain and again, that is not going to look too heavy until later on tomorrow and that is temperature night. and -- tomorrow night and there is a wintery mix here and some snow. tomorrow morning, very light and if anything. still, i think we could have some problems during the overnight hours and that is
5:52 pm
with some extra special caution and a light passing shower and drizzle here and that is about all. the heaviest of the precip is tomorrow at 6:00 and any freezing drizzle could cause problems and keep that in mind as we transition into tomorrow night and we're still cold enough, it will be in the freezing rain and look what happens late tomorrow night, very heavy slug of moisture comes in and that begins to push up and at least for the metro area and into some rain. this is heavy presib coming in and this is where we stand the chance of getting a few to several hours of icing and with montgomery to the north and that should be in the form of all rain and quickly, it's out of here on wednesday afternoon
5:53 pm
and we start drying things out. rain by wednesday and 47, and transition through and we're talking about another coastal storm on saturday and let's get through this before we deal with that and there we are now, the complete forecast and shewchuk comes back after 6 with more on this forecast. >> guys. >> and another update on the news edge and speaking of the next newscast, let's go to brian bolter for a look at what is coming up at 6:00. and that unrest in egypt unfolds. wow, and the heat is being turned up on president hosni mubarak, why it appears the obama administration is ready to push aside a longtime u.s. ally. we're going to get it together for 6. i promise. plus, can the federal government force you to buy health insurance? the battle over healthcare appears to be headed to the nation's highest court. a road map to the future is released in the wake of a grave scandal at arlington national cemetery. details on the news edge. 
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>> in sports, georgetown is in action tonight and after a slow start in conditions play, the hoyas have turned things around and tonight, they're facing another big-east challenge. dave feldman is live from verizon center tonight. >> reporter: and thank you very much. they'll take on louisville, jay billis will call the game for espn. first of all, 21-ranked teams lost. 7-unranked teams. what does it mean? >> it means it's good for teams playing well and this is that second year in a row where i don't think we have a great team in college basketball and have some good teams and that is going to make for a more exciting march and that means if you're having some problems right now, losing a few games, if you can write your ship, you have a great chance. as long as you can make the field, this is like last year and -- last year and we wound up having butler in the final
5:58 pm
four and final game and if we can have that this year, if you're healthy. >> and joeltown lost three straight and including getting blown out and since then, won four straight. a different team or playing better or is that the big east? >> that is the big east and the schedule and some is when you get them. they have to play on wednesday and with two road games in a row. and that is going to be interesting when they go inside and louisville, are they going to guard that? that is what georgetown go does l they cut hard and get easy baskets. >> and we have to get to the weather. louisville shoots, 9-3 is the game and that is to make special plans? >> you have to guard the line and one of the things you can do is to run good offense yourself and make them take it out of the net. louisville thrives in transition, and georgetown, when louisville presses, and
5:59 pm
they're going to press, georgetown can get easy opportunities and that is pressure if you can attack it well and give you open opportunities and they showed to do that against missouri earlier in the year, put up 111 and they can do it again if they take care of the ball and good shots. >> bad weather coming in tomorrow, don't be a hero. >> and i won't but i'm looking forward to the weather. >> he will call the game tonight with two others. back to you guys. >> thank you. >> and love the jabs. >> indeed. thank you very much for joining us at 5. >> the news edge at 6 starts now. a winter storm is jacking up the midwest and is making driving impossible. that same system is expected to start impacting our area later tonight. less than a week after a snowstorm paralyzed the region, getting ready for another blast of winter weather, this


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